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Jupigo Highlights

Real-Time Tracking

Track the whereabouts of your shipments in real-time. Run your operation more efficiently without tedious runarounds.

Simple Dispatch

No need to manually enter all shipment details when you dispatch here. Simply upload an Excel file to generate a draft for each shipment for dispatching later.


Whether you are in the office or at home, having access to your shipments on Jupigo is never a hardship.

Easy Communication

Create conversation for any specific shipment. Keep everyone posted on the latest update of the shipment, all in one place.


Everything At A Glance

Quickly search orders from various dispatchers, teams, or shipments that have Started or been Picked Up. Provide live shipment locations with more accurate ETAs to your customer.

Know what your dispatcher has assigned to you in one glance. Simple and intuitive interface makes on board easy for everyone.

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Manage with Zero Effort

Upload CSV file with shipment details for easy dispatch. Find shipment status, current location, PODs….all organized under My Activity.

Simple process to update the status of the shipments you are handling. Up-to-the-second shipment details and navigation linked with major map service providers.

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Communication can never be easier

Chat tool designed specifically for business communication. Create one chatroom for one specific shipment so you can easily trace back exchanged information.

Chat with one or several colleagues about work at the same time. Exchange information more effectively via sharing locations, pictures, videos and voice messages.

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Instant POD

Send signed PODs to your customers right after the shipment is delivered. Faster POD submission, happier customer, faster payment process.

Collect shipper’s/consignee’s signature and comments in the field, making every delivery a breeze.

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The Jupigo Application is a smart, simple yet innovation method in which our entire industry can save time, resources and money. Mobile and accurate real time data that everyone shares and benefits from simultaneously. Henry Osaki Mutual Express

Everyone gains from this development, but what I like is that this was created by truckers for truckers. John Driscoll Port of Oakland

It's long overdue in the drayage business. Jupigo is a time saver, record keeper and money maker. It's street turning done right! Miguel Silva Horizon Freight System

Because freight often has unique characteristics that only insiders are aware of, the people developing this technology need to understand what drivers are going to do and what shippers and customers want. The fact that Jupigo is designed from trucker's perspective shows promise. Steve Viscelli Trucking Expert

The app looks very promising that it will deliver what we need. The matchmaking scheme is something never seen before and something that is needed to all of dispatchers and drivers. Tal Singh J&S Drayage

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